Active Projects:

* The Eightfold Path
* Fey
* Adrift

Questionable Length:
* The Diary of Hiroshi Matsuzaki
* Samael

Short Stories:
* The Thing
* Old Lace
* The Rose

* Amaranth

* As Yet Untitled Play About Knights

Inactive Projects (Shelved/Nothing Written)

* Shaolin
* Betrothed
* Followups to Fey
* As Yet Unnamed Drug Narrative
* The Fall of Utopia
* City of Dreams

Tentatively Short Stories (all untitled):
* Travelogue
* Cthulhu Mormons
* Graveyard Slipstream
* Witch Wars
* Fab World
* Where Is the Love for the Occult Zombie?

From: [personal profile] delia

Please tell me that Adrift is your Pulse project.

From: [personal profile] delia

Also, I just got your text. Ragstock is probably not open today and I can't get on Gtalk because the internet is too spotty.

From: [personal profile] delia

When I'm done with dinner and finish watching Religulous.

We should watch Blind Dating this week. It's painfully cute and has Chris Pine's Humongous Talent.


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